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Workshops Introduction

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, processes or services.  These efforts seek incremental improvement over time or breakthrough improvements all at once.  As a practice, continuous improvement is a combination of philosophy, methods, and tools.  EVLA offers training in Lean philosophy, methods, and tools that will help your organization succeed in your continuous improvement efforts.


We offer two different training tracks to help individuals develop the knowledge and skills to apply lean practices in their organizations, life, and community.   Although our classes are offered in tracks, we don't have pre-requisites for any of the classes and students may attend them in any order.  


EVLA workshops are free for participants from our member organizations. If you are interested in attending a class, but are not from a member organization, the fee for each class is $125.

Business Conference

The Lean Core training track is an introduction to the basic lean principles, methods, and tools. This track includes Principles of Lean, 5S & Visual Management, Process Mapping, Quick & Easy Kaizen, and Standard Work. 

Business conference

The Lean Practitioner Track expands on the principles, methods, and tools of Lean Core training and helps the student apply them organizationally. This track is focused on more advanced concepts and tools.  However, it is not required to complete the Lean Core trainings before taking the Lean Practitioner trainings 

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