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About EVLA

Emerald Valley Lean Association is the go-to source for Lean Information in Lane County. We have a network of over 20 businesses that have participated in the program. They recognize the value of the training, the certification program, and the opportunity to learn with others through real-life examples. For individuals, they are able to learn a set of skills in “Lean Process” which can carry over to any job at any company.

We offer two levels of certification: Lean Core and Lean Practitioner with certification through EVLA.  The member companies have assured us that employees with these certifications are more desirable, with all other qualifications being equal.

Vision Statement

EVLA is a Lane County Network supporting businesses to increase competitiveness by sharing and applying best practices in continuous improvement.

Mission Statement

EVLA supports organizations in the southern Willamette Valley to:

  • Identify resources to achieve improvement goals.

  • Provide education in Continuous Improvement to address strategic and operational issues.

  • Engage everyone in solving organizational problems from the C-suite to the shop floor.

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